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“When I was referred to Bay Area Physical Therapy after my shoulder surgery, I was treated with unexpected sensitivity, interest and care,” says Brian G. “My rehabilitation process was not only effective but enjoyable, and I have now continued to work on core strengthening and Pilates despite the fact that my shoulder is back in full strength. I look forward to the exercises and know that the benefits physically are without question.”

“It was a professional, fun environment that makes it worth coming back, even on those days when you don’t really want to,” says Bill P., who underwent a total rotator cuff repair.

“I can’t thank you enough for teaching me the ways to strengthen my stomach and other muscles to enable me to stand up straight,” says Susan W., who had suffered for several years from increasing postural decline before coming to us. “I do my exercises every day!”

“Last fall I was training for my first marathon, and was having a chronic problem limiting my flexibility. As my mileage increased, so did my pain. I started seeing Stu Harris, and within two sessions I had the movement back in my leg. I also had an understanding of what I was doing incorrectly and was almost pain free. After a month, I was running with a smile on my face and completed the Death Valley marathon, literally without any exacerbation of my previous problem.” – Elizabeth M.

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