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Back pain is one of the leading reasons men and women miss work. Whether you suffer from an acute injury or have experienced chronic back pain for a long time, you can get treatment at Bay Area Physical Therapy in Lafayette, California. The team of highly trained physical therapists can help you get relief from back pain starting with your first appointment. Book your back pain evaluation online or over the phone today.

Back Pain Q & A

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When should I see a doctor for back pain?

Minor back pain can be an early warning sign of a serious issue, such as a herniated disc. It’s therefore important that you schedule a doctor’s visit — or seek emergency care — at the first sign of discomfort. You should also visit your doctor if you’re experiencing:

  • Shooting or stabbing pain
  • Chronic muscle aches
  • Pain that radiates down your legs
  • Limited flexibility
  • Limited range of motion

If you have back pain that’s keeping you from working or doing the things you enjoy, it’s time to schedule an evaluation and get started on treatment right away.

What happens during physical therapy for back pain?

During physical therapy sessions, you’re going to learn exercises and stretches — possibly including Pilates — that can help strengthen your back muscles. Your sessions could also include:

  • Skilled manual therapy
  • Tailored exercises
  • Modalities such as:
    • Ultrasound therapy
    • Electrical stimulation
    • And others

The team at Bay Area Physical Therapy can even teach you additional exercises that you can continue performing at home between sessions, so you can recover from back pain as quickly as possible.

When will I have relief from back pain after physical therapy?

Because physical therapy involves a combination of strengthening your back muscles, realigning your spine, and promoting healing of your soft tissue, it can take some time for you to start noticing an improvement.

Most physical therapy plans for back pain include 2-3 sessions per week. You might have initial soreness after each session. This is completely normal in the initial stages of working out your back muscles. As the discomfort subsides, you’ll start feeling stronger and more flexible after each visit.

You should start experiencing optimal back pain relief after 1-3 months. Your dedicated practitioner at Bay Area Physical Therapy will let you know how long you’ll need physical therapy. If needed, they can request additional sessions if you’re still experiencing back pain after your initial treatment plan is complete.

To get started on your customized back pain treatment, click or call to book an appointment at Bay Area Physical Therapy today.